Monday, December 28, 2009


The 7 Nightmares Girl

Co-Producer Anja Meyer just shot new scenes for The 7 Nightmares Girl on location on Hawaii. The episode is entitled Dr. Morloff´s Atomic Turtles and new scenes and episodes of the series will be shot in Honolulu, Vancouver, Vienna and Berlin the next couple of months makking the series even more crazy.

In Dr. Morloff´s Atomic Turtles Athena teams up with mad scientist Dr. Morloff trying to stop Satan with an army of Atomic Turtles.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Unhappy End! Episode 6

Episode 6: Der Mörder mit den Zigarillos

Der Mörder mit den Zigarillos is about several young and beautiful women at a Beauty Contest. One after the other is killed by a mysterious maniac who smokes cigarilllos.
One model has an idea: to get rid of her strongest competition she decdides to kill the other girl and making it look as it was the maniac.
Magdalena Kowalczyk did star in this episode. Magdalena was a cast member of the highly succesful RTL Freitag Nacht News show.

All photos Copyright by Michael Huck

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Unhappy End! Episode 4

Episode 4: Die Szenendiebin

"Die Szenendiebin" is a story about an actress who talks an assistant director in firing an already hired actress and hire herself for the part. Things like that happen. An actress who met with me right after a casting told me when she arrived another girl had already been hired for the part but she had a cup of coffee with the assistant director and he fired the other girl.

Katrein Frenzel and I wrote the script together. Katrein did star in the long.running German RTL series "Hinter Gittern". Stefanie Verkerk played the bad girl in this episode who is outsmarted by an even meaner girl.

Copyright photos by Michael Huck

Unhappy End! 1

The Story in-Between
The first episodes of Unhappy End! had been released in German speaking countries on VHS in 1999, later also on DVD. The episodes 1-3 had been conncted by a fourth story, linking the stories of the three episodes. Cathrin Vaessen played the part of the jealous photographer who suspects the model Svenja (Bettina Müller) to have an affair with her husband.

Copyright photos by Michael Huck

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Unhappy End! Episode 3

Die Rivalin

Die Rivalin was one of the first Unhappy End! episodes to be shot starring Susanne Schwab and Katja Bienert who was in all famous German tv series like Derrick and Praxis Bülowbogen but also did work in foreign movies with Maria Grazia Cuccionotta,
Anthony Hopkins, Sylvester Satllone and Alan Rickman and of course Jess Franco.