Friday, August 10, 2012

Unhappy End!

Sometimes you discover something you forgot that it exists...this nice still is from Unhappy End! 1. When re-mastering the old analog-shot episodes I could edit it now for the first time with stereo sound. The episodes had been shot in stereo but with the old analog equipment I could only mix the original stereo-sound and the musical soundtrack on the mono track of the SVHS master. Now with digital remastering and countless tracks for video and audio there are no frontiert any more in a technical sense. After editing I looked over the stills and disvored this one of Bettina tied to that chair, looks so great I used it for the new cover.

Unhappy End! Digi-Remastered

Step by Step I re-master the old episodes and release them a new, sometimes for the first time in stereo and with new music, some totally re-edited.