Sunday, August 15, 2010

The 7 Nightmares Girl Aloha ! New Episodes

New episodes of The 7 Nightmares Girl series
are shot on location on Hawaii Islands and in Vancouver. Produced by Anja Meyer.
Producer Michael Huck switched roles and now is in as guest villain Dr. Morloff in the episode Dr Morloff´s Atomic Turtles .
Dr. Morloff, the mad scientis trains turtles to destroy the Town of Satan - Hollywood - with atomic mini bombs carried by the turtles through the Pacific from Hawaii to Los Angeles.
Athena, the nun who kills witches, travels to Honolulu and Vancouver to track down more witches and to prevent them from taking over the world.

New episodes for the series are currently shot all over the world including also Germany and Austria. The new episodes will be released in 2011.