Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)

A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)

The new thriller starring Lydie Denier and directed by Lydie Denier. Produced by Michael Huck.
The English language movie is based on the German language Unhappy End! Episode 2 "Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen" starring Jean Bork and Ingrid Littmann. Jean Bork who co-wrote the original script guest stars.
Lydie Denier plays Sarah, a woman who has an affair with a married man. His jealous wife takes Sarah prisoner, ties her up and gags her and threatens to torture and kill Sarah.

Trailers are on and on youtube, MrAlGator account.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Touch of Truth

Lydie Denier did accuse me to be a stalker who did stalk her since 2003 and did threaten to kill her. She told the media and Santa Monica Court I am a crazy fan who is madly in love with her and claimed I pulled a gun on her and that I want to be "together" with her.

She did not tell the truth. She did not tell that in fact I am a producer and we shot A Bouquet for a Kill together.
To show you what really happened I did upload several videos on youtube broadcast, MrAlGator account and the trailers of A Bouquet for a Kill also on

I also shot a documentary STALKING LYDIE on the movie we shot together. In the docu I personally read the court papers and show you video material with me and Lydie on the set of A Bouquet for a Kill in Berlin in 2007. (why did Denier shoot with me a movie in 2007 if - according to her - I have stalked her since 2003 ?)

I also gave interviews on A Bouquet for a Kill, there is a trailer also on youtube and an interview on Mike Haberfelner´s B-movie site

The trailers of A Bouquet for a Kill I did upload show that in fact Lydie and I did work very well together at first.
I loved and adored her as an actress. She was wonderful to work with and we both could have become a team like Laurel & Hardy, Martin & Lewis or Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. We could have go on shooting a new kind of dark thrillers using my concept with beautiful women in those dark stories and Lydie could have brought in her more than 20 years experiecne of Hollywood and glamour while I could have brought in my knowlegde of setting up low budget projects all around the world no matter how difficult it looks at first. Together we could have achieved so much.

But Lydie did not see this. She only saw the opportunity to take my project to a bigger producer without me, take MY concept and use it for her own. It was so stupid. I was willing to share my concepts and my projects with her but she wanted all alone for herself, taking credits for what I have created and pushing me out of my own movie.
There is such a gap between Lydie this marvelous and close to perfect actress and Lydie as a person.
And she did achieve nothing with all those lies. She destroyed our work of months. The work of cast and crew. And her own work. This was in 2007. We could have made 3 more movies in the meantime but Lydie preferred to destroy than to build up. It seems she is only happy if she can destroy the work of other people. She never realized the opportunities we had. If you look at the trailers you can see that Lydie and I were about to shoot something really interesting, dark thrillers featuring attractive women. I did this since many years on a small scale. With Lydie and me together we could have made it bigger, doing thrillers for televison all around the world. It could have worked. But Lydie wasted our time. Instead of concentrating on directing our movie she was busy half of the time to think of ways to get rid of me and to take over the picture.

It´s such a pity. Lydie is one of the most talented and attractive actresses ever. I have absolutely no idea why she is doing all those silly things.
Running to Santa Monica Court and telling Judge Rosenberg I am stalker! What is going on in her mind? SHE KNOWS I have all those material showing me and her together on the set. SHE KNOWS there is a cast and crew who can confirm I did produce A Bouquet for Kill. SHE KNOWS there are all those photos of our shooting showing me and her together on the set and SHE KNOWS I have all the receipts of the shooting, her flights, her hotel stay, her health and travel insurance - all was paid with my credit card. How can she think if she tells media and judge Rosenberg I am a crazy stalker I would not publish this?

So what did she achieve? She made herself ridiculous. Now everyone knows I am not a stalker. Now everyone knows she run away from our set, something no director and actress who takes her job serious would ever do. Now everyone knows she tried to push her producer out of his movie - something no director should do. And now everyone knows she went to Santa Monica Court and did lie to them. She accused me wrongly to be a stalker. And now it´s all over the internet. And this will be there forever and everywhere. No matter how old Lydie will be or whereever she will be, whatever she will do, whenever someone googles her name everyone everywhere will know Lydie Denier is a person who accuses people wrongly to be stalker. Everyone everywhere will know Lydie Denier is a person who does not tell the truth. And everyone everywhere will also know Lydie is not even very good in telling not the truth. Was it worth it?

Lydie told Santa Monica court I want a reconciliation with her.
No, I do not want that. I do not want to see her again and I do not want to be in the same room with her as I consider her a very weird person.

I want my tapes back so I can edit our movie.
I am not in love with the woman Lydie Denier. I do not want a love relationship with her.
I wanted her to be my partner. Like Laurel and Hardy or Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. I did offer her to be my partner. I never asked her to become my "lover".
I wanted to work with her, write, direct and produce movies. She knows that. And she should tell judge Rosenberg the truth. And she should stop to hide behind other people or Santa Monica Court. Lydie is my director and I am her producer. We have a contract and we promised each other to do this project together. This is my business and Lydie´s business. This is NOT the business of Santa Monica Court.

Lyide told Santa Monica Court I hate her. This also is not true. I do not hate Lydie. In fact I never forget what opportunites we had together. I loved working with her. She was - and still is - one of my favorite actresses. As an actress I admire her and always will. I was happy when she agreed working with me, when she came to Germany, when Vonny and I met with her in Beverly Hills discussing our script, when we both were on the EFM, when we worked together on A Bouquet for a Kill in February 2007. One of the happiest moments of my life was when I went with Lydie to the airport after this February shooting. Then it really looked we could achieve something together. In this moment for a short moment we were Laurel & Hardy. I know now there have been two ways we could have gone. And I am convinced if Lydie would have not tried to outsmart me and to push me out of my movie but if she would have finished Bouquet with me the way we had promised this to each other we could have made at least 3 more movies till today.

This is all is lost forever now. It was Lydie´s decision, not mine.
But I and the cast and crew of A Bouquet for Kill did invest time, work and money in this project and that´s why I want my tapes to edit the movie.
I told this before, it is my job as a producer to do this.

Sincerely Yours,
Michael Huck

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A New Kind of Terror - Girls !

They are soooo cute!
They are soooo beautiful !!
They are M A N I A C S ! ! !

The Gator Group series The 7 Nightmares Girl, Nightmare Follies and Unhappy End! finally shows women the way they really are: BAD! EVIL !! PSYCHOPATHS !!!
Doing what they do best: Betray, Steal, Hate and Kill !