Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Birth of a Gator

You probaly know our Gator Logo drawn by Ingrid Littmann, but few may know that Mr. Al Gator at first came to life as a comic-book character. Mr. Al Gator is a ruthless businessman, raised by the ignorant philosopher Saturno who thought he could make a young alligator he once found in the swamps to a philospher-king who rules the world.
Young Mr. Gator however decided it´s more fun to make money and to rule the world as a bad, bad alligator. Using his great knowledge and wisdom Saturno taught him, Mr. Gator creates not only a million dollar conglomerate selling cockroaches all over the world but also an own country, Gatoria.
Here are some drawings artist Isabel Schenk did showing The Birth of a Gator, also showing Mr. Gator making some extra money selling his girlfriend to a Zoo and dictator Esteban who is about to be thown out of his country by Mr. Al Gator and his secret army of gator-warriors.

Copyright 1986 / 1996 by Michael Huck & Isabel Schenk