Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen

Written by Jean Bork and Michael Huck, produced and directed by Michael Huck; starring Jean Bork and Ingrid Littmann. Mrs. Tanner, a jealous wife is determined to kill the young and beautiful lover of her husband. She takes the young woman prisoner, ties her up and finally kills her, and after killing the young woman, Mrs Tanner finds a letter of her husband who just wrote that he will end the affair with the young woman to return to his beloved wife and children.

The episode, shot in the 1990s, has been remade to times,as episode "Die Hexe" starring Katja Bienert and Mona Glass and later the ill-fated English verison in 2007"A Bouquet for a Kill". (see other Blog)

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Unhappy End! The series

The Most Beautiful Girls in the World
In one review of the first Unhappy End! episodes someone wrote he had never seen a movie with so many so beautiful actresses and that´s what Unhappy End! and also the other series, Nightmare Follies and The 7 Nightmares Girl, are about. The series feature extraordinary beautiful women who get involved in extraordinary bizarre crimes. I have always been impressed by all the actresses who were in (especially) US movies, tv shows and serials ie Maureen O´Hara(Jamaica Inn, The Black Swann), Linda Stirling(Jesse James Rides Again), Kay Aldrige, Linda Evans (Big Valley), Barbara Eden, Carolyn Jones, Lynda Carter, Grace Kelly, Ava Gardner, Veronica Lake, Jane Russel and of course Diana Rigg. And when I started shooting Unhappy End! I knew it would help the series a lot if the actresses involved would be as cool and beautiful as all those Hollywood Glamour Girls. By and large I think most of the Leading Ladies of our series are as beautiful or maybe are even more beautiful and cool as any leading lady of any given US series.

Unhappy End! Episode 1

Ein Mord aus Eifersucht
Also not the first episode to be shot Ein Mord aus Eifersucht became episode 1 of the Unhappy End! series, a thriller about a model who is haunted by a crazy fan - as it seems at first. Too late she learns the stalker is noone els but her best friend.
Shot in Berlin in Germany with Panasonic SVHS camcorders. During silent movie days Producer was the one who owned a camera. We had two when we started shooting Unhappy End!, a MS 1 and a MS 4.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Some more stills from Shock Treatment

Photos Coypright 2007 by Michael Huck

Shock Treatmet Unhappy End! Episode 27

Shock Treatment (2007)

Shock Treatment: A model is interviewed by a strange journalist who in fact is not a journalist but a young, ugly woman who is madly in love with the model´s fiance. She kidnaps the model and kills her, thinking the model´s fiance will now fall in love with her.

There are two versions of Shock Treatment: a color version shot in HD and a black-and-white version shot with DV camera.
So both versions show the story from different angels. Both versions have also totally different endings.

Shock Treatment is relased together with the 30 min Last Laugh DV episode which was shot in the same way, but both versions in color and with additional scenes with Micaela Schäfer and Carolin Hasselmann. Déborah did co produce shooting the exterior scenes in Brazil.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Nightmare Follies Episode 1

Stars Will Perish (2009)
Stars Will Perish is episode one of the new Gator Thriller series "Nightmare Follies"
a one hour program. The special dvd comes with additional two hours of outtakes.
Micaela Schäfer and Debby star in the dark thriller about an understudy (Schäfer) who kidnapps the star ´(Debby) of the show she is in to replace her.
Michael Huck did produce and direct.
photos: Copyright 2009 by Michael Huck and Diana Beppler.

Last Laugh - The Movie

Last Laugh - The Unhappy End! Movie 2007/2008

75 minute HDV version of the former 30 minute DV Unhappy End! Episode.
Starring Sandra Lüdke, Carolin Hasselmann and Micaela Schäfer.
Shot in Berlin and Rio de Janeiro.
Produced and Directed by Michael Huck

Unhappy End! Episode 29

The Halloweenies

Unhappy End! Episode 29 is a new one hour program shot on Canon HDV.
A suspenseful thriller, a young woman is held prisoner in her apartment
by two very, very bad girls.

all photos: Copyright 2008 by Michael Huck

The 7 Nightmares Girl Episodes 1-5

The 7 Nightmares Girl
Some more stills from The 7 Nightmares Girl.
Copyright of photos of The 7 Nightmares Girl: Michael Huck & Diana Beppler

The 7 Nightmares Girl

The 7 Nightmares Girl series
Each episode runs 30 minutes and there are single episode DVDs with one episode and 75 minutes of outtakes or also available is a multiple episode dvd with episodes 1-3
but without outtakes. More information at

Micaela Schäfer, one of Germany´s most beautiful models is playing one of the witches in episode 2, while Lloyd Kaufman plays a father of one of the witches who is forced to kill to save his daughter´s life.

The 7 Nightmares Girl

The 7 Nightmares Girl
Episodes 1-3 are already available, Episode 4 in November 2009, 5 in December

The 7 Nightmares Girl series

The 7 Nightmares Girl series
all around the world young, beautiful and very rich women are killed. The police suspects a maniac serial killer. Angela, sister of one of the kidnapped victims learns all killed women have been members of a secret witches circle, promoting each other in high ranks in politics and economy.
The witches are killed by nuns sent after them by the Vatican. Angela soon discovers politics and religion aren´t what they seem to be. In fact there are secret law books and a secret bible only for the upper class, allowing members of the upper class to steal, kill and commit every crime.

This series is about witches and Evil. The first 5 episodes are already shot in Germany, Austria and Hollywood and new ones will be shot in Berlin, Vienna and Canada featuring the most beautiful witches like German model Micaela Schäfer and Ciara and international guest star. In episode 2, The Smile on Satan´s Face Troma boss Lloyd Kaufman does a guest killer part.