Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The 7 Nightmares Girl 6 - Aloha Satan!

Aloha Satan!

Satan Goes Hawaii. Athena (Anja Meyer) tracks down some more witches in
Honolulu. The new episode is shot in 2010 around Honolulu and in Vancouver
and will ber released in 2011.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Frohe Weihnachten! Merry X-Mas

I wish everyone Frohe Weihnachten!

and we are online now with new sites:

www.unhappyend.de and www.gatorgroup.de



Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 7 Nightmares Girl 6 and 7

Aloha, Satan! and Dr. Morloff´s Atomic Turtles

Shooting of two new episodes of The 7 Nightmares Girl series entitled Aloha, Satan!
and Dr. Morloff´s Atomic Turtles is finished. The two episodes mainly were shot on Hawaii and in Vancouver, produced by Anja Meyer who is now in Sydney to prepare shooting of new material in Australia.

Athena is still witchhunting, this time in the Honolulu area where another cricle of witches prepares to take over worldleadership. Athena teams up with mad scientist Dr. Morloff who plans to bomb in Los Angeles, sending his atomic turtles from Hawaii to California.
In episode 6 another new and uncanny character is introduced, the weird monk, Brother Tetzel, a member of the Holy Inquisition who has his office in Notre Dame de Paris where he is busy trading crimes on behalf of the Bank of the Vatican.

Episodes 6 and 7 are in postproduction and will be released in 2011. New episodes currently are shot in Vienna and Sydney.

Photos: Athena (Anja Meyer) trains one of Dr. Morloff´s Atomic Turtles how to destroy the City of Satan: HOLLYWOOD .
Athena having much fun in Honolulu while witchhunting.
The weird monk, Brother Tetzel, trading crimes on behalf of the Bank of Vatikan in his Notre Dame de Paris office. Strange phone calls keep Brother Tetzel busy especially when a certain Chancellor Kohl calls to buy one of Tetzel´s Ablaßbrief for eleminating the German D-Mark, once Tetzel´s favorite currency!

Monday, September 20, 2010

The 7 Nightmares Girl - Behind the Scenes

Episode 1 - Behind the Scenes

Amanda (Wenke Baumgart), a young beautiful actress is lured to a casting by a strange young woman (Carolin Hasselmann) who claims to be a producer. Amanda
learns that part of the casting is to be bound and gagged and she realizes too
late that the horror she is in is REAL when that uncanny woman starts to torture
her and calls her mom telling her she can only save her daughtes life if she drowns
a young woman (Dina Babajic).

The first episode had been shot in 2008 and since then we have shot new episodes all over the world, including Vienna, Honolulu, LA and Vancouver. The story about witches, vampires and all kind of maniacs reveils horrible secrets of our political and religious societies and what starts as a thriller soon wents in another much more
darker directons with vampires and even the devil himself haunting the place.

Here are some stills and Behind-the-scenes photos taken while shooting episode 1 in Berlin. Carolin and Wenke were both perfect as the mad young woman and her lovely
victim who spent most of the time bound and gagged facing the most horrible of tortures.

Photos: Copyright 2008 by Michael Huck
Photo 1: Carolin Hasselmann and Wenke Baumgart star in episode 1, Carolin playing the
uncanny and mad woman who lures the beautiful Amanda in her perilous trap.
Photo 2: Actress Amanda learns the hard way the part of a Damsel in Distress as she
is about to star in The Perils of Amanda...Wenke is bound and gagged by the uncanny
Photos 3&4: Like most of Horror movie heroines, Wenke spends lots of time being bound and gagged and tortured while Carolin has the far more convient part as the
cruel villainess.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

The 7 Nightmares Girl Aloha ! New Episodes

New episodes of The 7 Nightmares Girl series
are shot on location on Hawaii Islands and in Vancouver. Produced by Anja Meyer.
Producer Michael Huck switched roles and now is in as guest villain Dr. Morloff in the episode Dr Morloff´s Atomic Turtles .
Dr. Morloff, the mad scientis trains turtles to destroy the Town of Satan - Hollywood - with atomic mini bombs carried by the turtles through the Pacific from Hawaii to Los Angeles.
Athena, the nun who kills witches, travels to Honolulu and Vancouver to track down more witches and to prevent them from taking over the world.

New episodes for the series are currently shot all over the world including also Germany and Austria. The new episodes will be released in 2011.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Unhappy End! 2 Remastered

Unhappy End! 2 Episodes 4-6 Remastered

Unhappy End! 2

Unhappy End! 2
Episodes 4-6, Die Szenendiebin, a black & white version of Die Schulfeindin and Der Mörder mit den Zigarillos, digitally remastered and with new musical score will be available in July 2010 .

Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)

A Bouquet for a Kill (2007)

The new thriller starring Lydie Denier and directed by Lydie Denier. Produced by Michael Huck.
The English language movie is based on the German language Unhappy End! Episode 2 "Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen" starring Jean Bork and Ingrid Littmann. Jean Bork who co-wrote the original script guest stars.
Lydie Denier plays Sarah, a woman who has an affair with a married man. His jealous wife takes Sarah prisoner, ties her up and gags her and threatens to torture and kill Sarah.

Trailers are on www.myvideo.de and on youtube, MrAlGator account.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Touch of Truth

Lydie Denier did accuse me to be a stalker who did stalk her since 2003 and did threaten to kill her. She told the media and Santa Monica Court I am a crazy fan who is madly in love with her and claimed I pulled a gun on her and that I want to be "together" with her.

She did not tell the truth. She did not tell that in fact I am a producer and we shot A Bouquet for a Kill together.
To show you what really happened I did upload several videos on youtube broadcast, MrAlGator account and the trailers of A Bouquet for a Kill also on www.myvideo.de

I also shot a documentary STALKING LYDIE on the movie we shot together. In the docu I personally read the court papers and show you video material with me and Lydie on the set of A Bouquet for a Kill in Berlin in 2007. (why did Denier shoot with me a movie in 2007 if - according to her - I have stalked her since 2003 ?)

I also gave interviews on A Bouquet for a Kill, there is a trailer also on youtube and an interview on Mike Haberfelner´s B-movie site www.searchmytrash.com

The trailers of A Bouquet for a Kill I did upload show that in fact Lydie and I did work very well together at first.
I loved and adored her as an actress. She was wonderful to work with and we both could have become a team like Laurel & Hardy, Martin & Lewis or Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. We could have go on shooting a new kind of dark thrillers using my concept with beautiful women in those dark stories and Lydie could have brought in her more than 20 years experiecne of Hollywood and glamour while I could have brought in my knowlegde of setting up low budget projects all around the world no matter how difficult it looks at first. Together we could have achieved so much.

But Lydie did not see this. She only saw the opportunity to take my project to a bigger producer without me, take MY concept and use it for her own. It was so stupid. I was willing to share my concepts and my projects with her but she wanted all alone for herself, taking credits for what I have created and pushing me out of my own movie.
There is such a gap between Lydie this marvelous and close to perfect actress and Lydie as a person.
And she did achieve nothing with all those lies. She destroyed our work of months. The work of cast and crew. And her own work. This was in 2007. We could have made 3 more movies in the meantime but Lydie preferred to destroy than to build up. It seems she is only happy if she can destroy the work of other people. She never realized the opportunities we had. If you look at the trailers you can see that Lydie and I were about to shoot something really interesting, dark thrillers featuring attractive women. I did this since many years on a small scale. With Lydie and me together we could have made it bigger, doing thrillers for televison all around the world. It could have worked. But Lydie wasted our time. Instead of concentrating on directing our movie she was busy half of the time to think of ways to get rid of me and to take over the picture.

It´s such a pity. Lydie is one of the most talented and attractive actresses ever. I have absolutely no idea why she is doing all those silly things.
Running to Santa Monica Court and telling Judge Rosenberg I am stalker! What is going on in her mind? SHE KNOWS I have all those material showing me and her together on the set. SHE KNOWS there is a cast and crew who can confirm I did produce A Bouquet for Kill. SHE KNOWS there are all those photos of our shooting showing me and her together on the set and SHE KNOWS I have all the receipts of the shooting, her flights, her hotel stay, her health and travel insurance - all was paid with my credit card. How can she think if she tells media and judge Rosenberg I am a crazy stalker I would not publish this?

So what did she achieve? She made herself ridiculous. Now everyone knows I am not a stalker. Now everyone knows she run away from our set, something no director and actress who takes her job serious would ever do. Now everyone knows she tried to push her producer out of his movie - something no director should do. And now everyone knows she went to Santa Monica Court and did lie to them. She accused me wrongly to be a stalker. And now it´s all over the internet. And this will be there forever and everywhere. No matter how old Lydie will be or whereever she will be, whatever she will do, whenever someone googles her name everyone everywhere will know Lydie Denier is a person who accuses people wrongly to be stalker. Everyone everywhere will know Lydie Denier is a person who does not tell the truth. And everyone everywhere will also know Lydie is not even very good in telling not the truth. Was it worth it?

Lydie told Santa Monica court I want a reconciliation with her.
No, I do not want that. I do not want to see her again and I do not want to be in the same room with her as I consider her a very weird person.

I want my tapes back so I can edit our movie.
I am not in love with the woman Lydie Denier. I do not want a love relationship with her.
I wanted her to be my partner. Like Laurel and Hardy or Gene Kelly and Stanley Donen. I did offer her to be my partner. I never asked her to become my "lover".
I wanted to work with her, write, direct and produce movies. She knows that. And she should tell judge Rosenberg the truth. And she should stop to hide behind other people or Santa Monica Court. Lydie is my director and I am her producer. We have a contract and we promised each other to do this project together. This is my business and Lydie´s business. This is NOT the business of Santa Monica Court.

Lyide told Santa Monica Court I hate her. This also is not true. I do not hate Lydie. In fact I never forget what opportunites we had together. I loved working with her. She was - and still is - one of my favorite actresses. As an actress I admire her and always will. I was happy when she agreed working with me, when she came to Germany, when Vonny and I met with her in Beverly Hills discussing our script, when we both were on the EFM, when we worked together on A Bouquet for a Kill in February 2007. One of the happiest moments of my life was when I went with Lydie to the airport after this February shooting. Then it really looked we could achieve something together. In this moment for a short moment we were Laurel & Hardy. I know now there have been two ways we could have gone. And I am convinced if Lydie would have not tried to outsmart me and to push me out of my movie but if she would have finished Bouquet with me the way we had promised this to each other we could have made at least 3 more movies till today.

This is all is lost forever now. It was Lydie´s decision, not mine.
But I and the cast and crew of A Bouquet for Kill did invest time, work and money in this project and that´s why I want my tapes to edit the movie.
I told this before, it is my job as a producer to do this.

Sincerely Yours,
Michael Huck

Saturday, May 1, 2010

A New Kind of Terror - Girls !

They are soooo cute!
They are soooo beautiful !!
They are M A N I A C S ! ! !

The Gator Group series The 7 Nightmares Girl, Nightmare Follies and Unhappy End! finally shows women the way they really are: BAD! EVIL !! PSYCHOPATHS !!!
Doing what they do best: Betray, Steal, Hate and Kill !

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Superheroines and other Damsels in Distress and Railway Tracks

Superheroines and other Damsels in Distress and Railway Tracks

Maybe you remember the wonderful old cliffhanger serials starring Linda Stirling and Kay Aldrige, captured by evil viallains and placed in deadly perils.
Or Diana Rigg, the british Super-Woman, who did beat up evil guys by the dozen and in return had been bound and gagged by the bad ones, sometimes more than once in one single episode. In "The Gravediggers" episode, Mrs. Peel gets tied up two times and especially the sequence when she is tied to the railway tracks is sensational...

There must be something special about beautiful women getting captured, gagged and tied up to railway tracks as these lovely kind of scenes have become a standard in thriller and horror movies over the years since the old days of silent movie cliffhanger serials.
Especially in the USA and England this kind of entertainment is an improtant part of thriller movies and tv series. Or even comic books.
It´s not that common known that even Wonder Woman, created by William Moulton Marston, involved lots of bondage scenes. Wonder Woman had been held captive by the bad guys almost the whole story, bound, gagged, tortured and only towards the ends always managed to break free and to beat up the evil villains. And of couse, Wonder Woman looked always great in her Damsel in Distress scenes.

There is obviously something quite interesting in the Damsels in Distress scenes. The producers of The Avengers were obviously pretty aware of this kind of strange attraction of having her beautiful heroine tied to the railway tracks and invited reporters and photograpers on the set to take some pictures of the helpless bound and gagged superheroine. This was in the 1960´s.
Today as I write this in 2010 there are all new Harper´s Bazar photos showing beautiful supermodel Claudia Schiffer bound and gagged in a dark basement, menaced by a sinister skeleton. Heidi Klum is handcuffed - just for fun - in a bizarre shooting for her model tv show and British newspapers go crazy because in the
Royal Court Theater in Liverpool former soap star Suzanne Collins in bound and gagged in her underwear in a comedy entitled "A Fistfull of Collars".
This obviously is so important that photos of Ms Collins bound and gagged are all over the net and frontpages. It seems we are on the right track with Unhappy End! and The 7 Nightmares Girl.

So let´s face the fact: this kind of thrill is beloved all over the world. I think there is some kind of attraction involved for everyone, that´s why those shows are so popular all over the world since such a long time. There are those guys who love to see themselves as kind of White Knight in shining armor who - like the debonair and elegant John Steed - come along just in time to save the beautiful Ms Peel. Then there are the other guys - like myself and our Grandmasters John Willie and Marston -who for some strange reason think the villain part is not that bad at all because the villain actually has the pleasure to capture all those beautiful super heroines and keep them bound and gagged. Then there are sure women who see themselves in this kind of role just loving the idea of playing Jeanne D´Arc or Mrs. Peel or Wonder Woman. A German writer, Sina Aline Geissler, some years ago wrote some books and mentioned she loves the idea of being bound and gagged, the idea of being the helpless victim while the villains discuss in which manner to torture their beautiful prisonder.
And not to forget, there are also many women who obviouly also love the idea of being a villainess and seeing anoter woman, more beautiful, at their mercy, helpless bound and gagged. It´s alos interesting to see that some actresses play this kind of scenes over and over again. Like Cameron Diaz who is bound and gagged surprisingly often in her movies. Maureen O´Hara had many such scenes in many differnt movies. Terri Hatcher of course, Lynda Carter, Linda Evans. And many of these actresses have one thing in common: they play these scenes very cool instead of scared what makes them look even more powerful. They certainly realize how beautiful they look in those scenes.
So let´s face the horrible facts: That´s Entertainment!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Moonlight Orchids (2010)

The Moonlight Orchids (2010)
A ruthless producer, Melvin K. Lee, (Lloyd Kaufman) meets with young, attractive actresses who audition for a part in his new horror movie. They soon learn that Mr. Lee is an honorable man who has no casting couch - but a casting Rolls Royce! Learn the awful truth about producers, Hollywood and making movies.
Lloyd Kaufman, Kim Baldwin, Juliane Wallesteig and the one and only Rolf Eden as Mr. Lee´s driver.

Coming in Summer 2010.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Unhappy End! Remastered

Unhappy End!
This is one of the new A New Kind of Terror PR sheets for the Remastered Unhappy End! series.

Friday, April 2, 2010

How To Shoot Low Budget

Shooting around the World with very little Money
Gator is now around for many years and over the years we shot projects all around the world inlcuding Germany, Austria, USA, Canada, Italy, France, Spain and Brazil, maybe I forgot some places. How do we manage to shoot with the most beautiful actresses and models in strange places like Honolulu, Hollywood, Vancouver, Vienna, Lecce doing all this low budget horror and thriller projects.
First I had some wonderful talent and crews, many of the actresses lik Katja, Barbara, Debby and Anja who are able not only to act but also to produce.

To know how to set up a production is very important. When I first worked for Disney they asked me if I had been in the army, as working for Disney is similar to be in the army. I do not know the US army but compared to German army Disney was really more fun. Anyway there is some truth in it. Big media conglomerates are usually very well organized and have all resources you need to do a proper job. So you have no trouble if you work for a company like Disney.
If you shoot low budget without being part of a multimillion dollar conglomerate things are different. You then have to operate like Robert E. Lee or Rommel with only small cast and crew. You can learn a lot from great army leaders like Hannibal, Ludendorff & Hindenburg, Rommel & Monty and the hilarious Robert E. Lee. And even better: It´s NOT a matter of life and Death (unless you shoot with Lydie Denier or Bette Davis). Movie Making is fun. Keep this always in mind.

I found out several things make my life easier while shooting low budget:

1. like Lloyd Kaufman I prefer to shoot scene after scene like a theater play.
It´s easier for the actors and everyone else and if something happens (an actor
gets sick or has an accident) you are able to re-act

2. I try to be a nice guy on the set. I do not scream or yell. Lubitsch always
treated his cast and crew nice and with respect. Otto Preminger (whom I adore as
as director and producer) acted on the set like an idiot. Cast and crew were
afraid of him. (thinking of Lydie Denier I am not quite sure, if this is really
so clever, what I am witing here)

3. Be always prepared and have only cast and crew on the set you really need.
If you need an actor at 2 pm don´t ask him to be on theset at 6 am

4. I found out you achieve more working 6-8 hours a day than starting at 6am and
shoot till midnight. We usually come to the set at 9.30 am and usually work
till 7 pm or 8 pm. The actreses / actors have their make-up done at 10.00 am
and we start shooting at 11.00 am. Around 2 pm we have lunch. Feed your cast.
It´s not expensive especially if you work with beautiful models and actresses,
I´ve rarely seen them ordering anything else than salad!
I prefer to go to a restaurant what was easy when we were shooting in the Hedler
studios in Berlin Tempelhof. There were plenty of Italian, Chinese and other
restaurants around. However if you are shooting somewhere with no restaurants
close, order at leat some pizza or pasta.
The worst thing you can do is shoot 14 hours a day with no lunch break.

To set up production there are also some books and dvds showing many important things how to do: I can strongly recommend the books and DVDs of Troma´s LLoyd Kaufman:

- Make Your Own Damn Movie and - Direct Your Own Damn Movie

Lloud Kaufman is not only a dedicated filmmaker, boss of one of the most independentproduction comaonies ever, he is also the chairman of the Board of the IFTA (Independent Film & Television Alliance)
The IFTA is a trade association of independent porducers and distributors of motion pictures and televison programming. The organisation, formerly known as the American Film Market Association was established in 1980 to create the now famous and most important trade show, the AFM (American Film Market).

The Perils of it All

A Touch of Gwendoline
I have recently been asked in several interviews why there are so many scenes in my movies and series with the beautiful heroines bound and gagged. I actually think bondage scenes are a very important point creating SUSPENSE in thriller and horror movies. I always loved Hitchcock and his fantastic dark tv series and also those faboulous Republic serials with Linda Stirling and Kay Aldrige always beeing caputres by the evil henchmen and left bound and gagged in countless deadly perils. Later many tv shows, ie The Avengers used this kind of suspense very effective with the very beautiful Diana Rigg tied to railway tracks and things like that.

We should also not forget how important those DID scenes are in comic books especially in the 40s and 50s, Lois Lane and Wonderwoman, like Emma Peel another two feminist icons who happen to be bound and gagged so often.
The ultimate comic however concerning DID is certainly John Willie´s "The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline". Willie just concentrated on the important DID scenes in his classic comic and I admit frankly that I prefer to do the same in my projects.

John Willie, this charming, nice man who not only did all those terrific drawings of Gwen, U89 and the evil Countess, he also pioneered this special kind of DID photos. I can only wonder what John Willie would have done, if he had our modern HDV camcorders, while living in the Hollywood of the 40s and 50s with all those uneblievable beautiful Californian girls.

Copyright of John Willie´s works are with Belier Press. There you can also learn more about the works of John Willie.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Birth of a Gator

You probaly know our Gator Logo drawn by Ingrid Littmann, but few may know that Mr. Al Gator at first came to life as a comic-book character. Mr. Al Gator is a ruthless businessman, raised by the ignorant philosopher Saturno who thought he could make a young alligator he once found in the swamps to a philospher-king who rules the world.
Young Mr. Gator however decided it´s more fun to make money and to rule the world as a bad, bad alligator. Using his great knowledge and wisdom Saturno taught him, Mr. Gator creates not only a million dollar conglomerate selling cockroaches all over the world but also an own country, Gatoria.
Here are some drawings artist Isabel Schenk did showing The Birth of a Gator, also showing Mr. Gator making some extra money selling his girlfriend to a Zoo and dictator Esteban who is about to be thown out of his country by Mr. Al Gator and his secret army of gator-warriors.

Copyright 1986 / 1996 by Michael Huck & Isabel Schenk

Friday, February 26, 2010

The Moonlight Orchids

The Moonlight Orchids

We just finshed shooting of the new feature The Moonlight Orchids.

Starring Lloyd Kaufman and Kim Baldwin. The famous Rolf Eden guest stars as Kaufman´s driver while Troma Boss Lloyd Kaufman plays a ruthless producer who is making some deals during Berlin Filmfestival. Kim Baldwin portrays a young actress who desperately wants to become famous. We learn a lot about movie making including that real cool producer´s don´t need a casting couch - they have a casting Rolls Royce!The Moonlight Orchids is produced and directed by Michael Huck and will be released in summer 2010.

A new dark comedy is planned in 2011: The Parrot. A professor gets a strange gift: a parrott once owned by the sinister Dr. Goebbels. What starts as a dark comedy soon turns into a weird, ceepy horror-thriller nightmare.

photos: Copyright 2010 by Diana Beppler.
Lloyd Kaufman, Rolf Eden, Kim Baldwin, Juliane Wallensteig. Actress Katja Bienert visits the set.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Gator International

Gator International
Last year we shot episodes for the The 7 Nightmares Girl series in Berlin,Vienna, Los Angeles and Hawaii and we are now shooting in Vancouver and later again Hawaii. We will shoot new movies and series including a comedy, working title The Moonbeam Orchids, a horror-thriller working Title The Ratface and we are looking for DPs, actresses and models in St. Petersburg and also Brazil and Israel, South Africa and Australia to set up new productions, in the US also in New York.

You can contact me at MichaelMHuck@aol.com

Friday, January 8, 2010

Unhappy End! Remastered

The new 2010 versions
It´s amazing to discover what computers can do. When we started shooting Unhappy End! we shot with some wonderful Panasonic SVHS camcorders, edited with Panasonic editig recorders and the great Panasonic WJ MX 30 Mixer. Titles were made with Amiga computers and Genlocks and music with a Yamaha keyboard. However neither the music not the editing was really as good as it should have been. With new computers, excellent software like Magix we are now able to re-master some of our old Unhappy End! episodes. I just finished a new version of Die Schulfeindin and Unhappy End!1-3.
Over the next months more episodes will follow. There is all new music now and most of the old episodes had been shot in stereo but have been released earlier only in mono. Now we are able to re-release in stereo with new music and new effects.
The newer episodes are shot digital with DV and HDV camcorders.
Copyright photos by Michael Huck and Christine Blohmann (Die Rivalin)