Friday, April 2, 2010

The Perils of it All

A Touch of Gwendoline
I have recently been asked in several interviews why there are so many scenes in my movies and series with the beautiful heroines bound and gagged. I actually think bondage scenes are a very important point creating SUSPENSE in thriller and horror movies. I always loved Hitchcock and his fantastic dark tv series and also those faboulous Republic serials with Linda Stirling and Kay Aldrige always beeing caputres by the evil henchmen and left bound and gagged in countless deadly perils. Later many tv shows, ie The Avengers used this kind of suspense very effective with the very beautiful Diana Rigg tied to railway tracks and things like that.

We should also not forget how important those DID scenes are in comic books especially in the 40s and 50s, Lois Lane and Wonderwoman, like Emma Peel another two feminist icons who happen to be bound and gagged so often.
The ultimate comic however concerning DID is certainly John Willie´s "The Adventures of Sweet Gwendoline". Willie just concentrated on the important DID scenes in his classic comic and I admit frankly that I prefer to do the same in my projects.

John Willie, this charming, nice man who not only did all those terrific drawings of Gwen, U89 and the evil Countess, he also pioneered this special kind of DID photos. I can only wonder what John Willie would have done, if he had our modern HDV camcorders, while living in the Hollywood of the 40s and 50s with all those uneblievable beautiful Californian girls.

Copyright of John Willie´s works are with Belier Press. There you can also learn more about the works of John Willie.

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