Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Shades of What?

Yesterday I watched a strange report on tv covering the new book "Shades of Grey", dealing with sado-masochism, bondage and submission and acccording to what they told this is an all "new" trend. As far as I can remember these things were always "on the level" and every couple of years mainstream media tells us this is all "new." When I was a teenager Dominique Aury`s "Histoire d`O" starring Corinne Clery and the wonderful Udo Kier hit the screens and also the movie was kind of boring especially women felt attracted. Just Jaeckin directed, who later did his best to ruin John Willie´s "Gwendoline". Some years later Elizabeth McNeill´s novel "Nine Weeks..." became a big success. The book indeed was great and Hollywood ruined it all usinng practically nothing of McNeill´s story besides the title and showing Kim Bassinger and Mickey Roarky playing games you could air on Nikelodeon at 3 p.m. Sina Alina Geissler created much confusion with her interviews and books confessing she really likes to be tied up and beaten up and Alice Schwarzer almost went straigt to the roof. It´s obvious that Hollywood will pick up "Shades of Grey" and maybe they manage this time to make a better movie.