Friday, February 26, 2010

The Moonlight Orchids

The Moonlight Orchids

We just finshed shooting of the new feature The Moonlight Orchids.

Starring Lloyd Kaufman and Kim Baldwin. The famous Rolf Eden guest stars as Kaufman´s driver while Troma Boss Lloyd Kaufman plays a ruthless producer who is making some deals during Berlin Filmfestival. Kim Baldwin portrays a young actress who desperately wants to become famous. We learn a lot about movie making including that real cool producer´s don´t need a casting couch - they have a casting Rolls Royce!The Moonlight Orchids is produced and directed by Michael Huck and will be released in summer 2010.

A new dark comedy is planned in 2011: The Parrot. A professor gets a strange gift: a parrott once owned by the sinister Dr. Goebbels. What starts as a dark comedy soon turns into a weird, ceepy horror-thriller nightmare.

photos: Copyright 2010 by Diana Beppler.
Lloyd Kaufman, Rolf Eden, Kim Baldwin, Juliane Wallensteig. Actress Katja Bienert visits the set.