Monday, September 20, 2010

The 7 Nightmares Girl - Behind the Scenes

Episode 1 - Behind the Scenes

Amanda (Wenke Baumgart), a young beautiful actress is lured to a casting by a strange young woman (Carolin Hasselmann) who claims to be a producer. Amanda
learns that part of the casting is to be bound and gagged and she realizes too
late that the horror she is in is REAL when that uncanny woman starts to torture
her and calls her mom telling her she can only save her daughtes life if she drowns
a young woman (Dina Babajic).

The first episode had been shot in 2008 and since then we have shot new episodes all over the world, including Vienna, Honolulu, LA and Vancouver. The story about witches, vampires and all kind of maniacs reveils horrible secrets of our political and religious societies and what starts as a thriller soon wents in another much more
darker directons with vampires and even the devil himself haunting the place.

Here are some stills and Behind-the-scenes photos taken while shooting episode 1 in Berlin. Carolin and Wenke were both perfect as the mad young woman and her lovely
victim who spent most of the time bound and gagged facing the most horrible of tortures.

Photos: Copyright 2008 by Michael Huck
Photo 1: Carolin Hasselmann and Wenke Baumgart star in episode 1, Carolin playing the
uncanny and mad woman who lures the beautiful Amanda in her perilous trap.
Photo 2: Actress Amanda learns the hard way the part of a Damsel in Distress as she
is about to star in The Perils of Amanda...Wenke is bound and gagged by the uncanny
Photos 3&4: Like most of Horror movie heroines, Wenke spends lots of time being bound and gagged and tortured while Carolin has the far more convient part as the
cruel villainess.