Friday, January 8, 2010

Unhappy End! Remastered

The new 2010 versions
It´s amazing to discover what computers can do. When we started shooting Unhappy End! we shot with some wonderful Panasonic SVHS camcorders, edited with Panasonic editig recorders and the great Panasonic WJ MX 30 Mixer. Titles were made with Amiga computers and Genlocks and music with a Yamaha keyboard. However neither the music not the editing was really as good as it should have been. With new computers, excellent software like Magix we are now able to re-master some of our old Unhappy End! episodes. I just finished a new version of Die Schulfeindin and Unhappy End!1-3.
Over the next months more episodes will follow. There is all new music now and most of the old episodes had been shot in stereo but have been released earlier only in mono. Now we are able to re-release in stereo with new music and new effects.
The newer episodes are shot digital with DV and HDV camcorders.
Copyright photos by Michael Huck and Christine Blohmann (Die Rivalin)

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