Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Du sollst nicht Ehebrechen

Written by Jean Bork and Michael Huck, produced and directed by Michael Huck; starring Jean Bork and Ingrid Littmann. Mrs. Tanner, a jealous wife is determined to kill the young and beautiful lover of her husband. She takes the young woman prisoner, ties her up and finally kills her, and after killing the young woman, Mrs Tanner finds a letter of her husband who just wrote that he will end the affair with the young woman to return to his beloved wife and children.

The episode, shot in the 1990s, has been remade to times,as episode "Die Hexe" starring Katja Bienert and Mona Glass and later the ill-fated English verison in 2007"A Bouquet for a Kill". (see other Blog)

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