Sunday, September 25, 2011

Die Schulfeindin - Director´s Cut 2011

The newly digitally edited version of the 1994 thriller Die Schulfeindin is now available, this version is different from the digitally remastered analag version
featured on US site as a video-on-demand program.

The new 3 dvd set had been all new edited after being transferred on computer.
For the first time the original stereo recorded o-sound is included in stereo (in previous versions it was only mono) and a new musical score.
The extras dvds feature a new recorded director´s intro showing Michael Huck
talking about Die Schulfeindin, Goethe´s Faust and William Shakespeare´s Julius Cesar,
a new slideshow, making of and outtakes.

The new version is available in october 2011.

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